About The Plant Exchange

About The Plant Exchange

Recycle Garden Surplus

In a day and age, when we are trying to achieve some of the economics that in the last century our grandparents and two war time generations took for granted, the Plant Exchange will offer a means to recycle a garden surplus while at the same time saving on ‘Plant Miles’.

Organic farmer, Neil Ewart and his son, William  set up The Plant Exchange to fulfil many of the gardeners needs, but key to it’s success is a dynamic Postal Code System, which finds plants locally for its members thus avoiding the need to ferry plants from opposite ends of the country to garden centres and other retail outlets.


Aims and Objectives

Great gardening tips throughout the year

The website aims to offer much more than just this sales service for it’s membership, it aims to offer a complete on-line community with resources for gardeners incorporating:

A Conduit through which considerable funds will be raised for charities and deserving organisations.

A comprehensive encyclopedia of plants, for identification and research.

A diary listing gardening events, open gardens and plant collections to help enable it’s membership to plan visits throughout the year.

A point of reference for all gardening enthusiasts with interactive features including ‘Ask an Expert’ and gardeners forums.