Support a charity or deserving organisation of your choice using the Plant Exchange

Plant Exchange members can sell plants using this website to support any registered charity or other deserving organisation.

Registered members can upload plants for sale free of charge and when the plants are sold, the proceeds may be donated to a charity or charities of choice, here’s how it works

Example 1

Plant exchange member “Aunt Sally” has 100 mixed daffodil bulbs and wants to sell these for £10.00.

When Sally uploads the bulbs for sale it costs her nothing, but she will be charged £0.20 to cover administration and bank costs when the bulbs are sold. She opts to donate £5.00 to Thrive leaving £4.80 which she elects to receive herself.

Thrive gets £5.00
Aunt Sally gets £4.80
The Plant Exchange gets £0.20 to cover bank costs

Example 2

Plant Exchange member “Uncle Bill” has a 2m tall Gleditsia triacanthus ‘sunburst’ and wants to sell it for £75.00.

When Bill uploads the plant for sale it costs him nothing, but he will be charged £1.50 to cover administration & bank costs when the tree is sold. He opts to donate all proceeds giving 60% to The National Trust and 40% to Cancer research.

The National Trust get £44.10
Cancer Research get £29.40
The Plant Exchange gets £1.50 to cover bank costs