Neil Ewart

Born in 1949, Neil Ewart started gardening at school and has remained fascinated ever since.  After school Neil attended the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester and also qualified as a chartered surveyor.

Since then Neil has spent his working life involved in country matters, as an organic farmer, recycler (involved in recycling over 2000 tons of paper waste annually) and also renewable energy as director of a company which produces 8MW of renewable electricity annually. Neil has recently been involved in planting 100 acres of native woodland on his farm in the Scottish Borders.

As Neil Says:

‘Nearly every garden can produce a surplus of something, and at the moment, often as not it is thrown away, now it may be sold for the benefit of charity, or just the garden from which it came.’


William Ewart

Born in 1981, William Ewart attended the Royal Agricultural College before going on to get hands on experience of stud farming in Ireland and America.

Since returning to Scotland William has also been heavily involved in the day to day running of the family organic sheep farm in the Scottish Borders, managing the woodlands;  planting, thinning and improving to promote future growth.

William has always been interested in gardening and nature as an enhancer of life and is confident that the UK’s vast army of gardening enthusiasts will greatly enjoy using The Plant Exchange.